Noah's life-changing safari

Noah is 5 and battles multiple illnesses every day. He has no official diagnosis, but a number of rare conditions that require a lifetime of hospital visits, tests and treatments.

A wish for freedom

Noah’s family live much of their life in a bubble through fear of germs, which makes simple childhood experiences and family outings together almost impossible.

When our volunteers visited Noah they worked hard to understand Noah’s wish and the whole team worked hard to create the perfect journey for Noah's wish - to meet his favourite animal, the giraffe!  

Noah's wish was a huge milestone for Noah and his family. Mum, Winsome, told us all about it.

Sick kids are brave


Over the years we have noticed that a child-like Noah can be forgotten and left out. It may be because of all his extra needs, the fact that he is nonverbal, and because he has no overall diagnosis." 

Empowering impact

"Noah’s wish gave our family a reason to do something we would not have otherwise done. In fact, it was our very first outing as a family since Noah was born! He even got a little sun kissed, which is a milestone right there as he’s never been out in the sun for extended periods of time.”

The strength of a wish

"We believe the power of the wish may have also helped Noah’s breathing. When we first met the Make-A-Wish volunteers, Noah had just come out of a month long admission in hospital and came home on oxygen."

"Thank you for granting Noah’s wish and making it such an unforgettable experience. We are so honoured to be part of the Make-A-Wish family.”

 - Patrick, Winsome, Noah and Abigail

An update on Noah

Since Noah’s wish came true, mum told us he’s been doing really well. He had surgery earlier in the year and totally rocked it, has been in hospital a few times but fought his way out each time.

Noah loves going to special school two days a week, and even enjoyed his first book week dressed up as Harry Potter. Keep fighting Noah!  


Wishes are vital

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