Harry's Paws-itively Royal Wish

Princesses + puppies = the two things that 6-year-old Harriet (Harry) adores most in the world. We brought them together to make her wish come true!

Puppy Love

Harry is a sassy, outgoing, and social 6-year-old, who loves playing princesses, and petting every single dog she comes across.

But during her treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Harry couldn’t be around puppies. So once her treatment ended, she wished ‘to become a puppy princess’ – combining the two things she loves most!

Harry’s family say that whenever she sees other dogs in the park, or out and about, she always makes a beeline for them – ensuring to pat every single dog she sees.

For Anthony, Harry’s dad, the anticipation of the wish was just as important as the wish day itself. “The wish kept something on the horizon – something to look forward to.”

A Fetching Good Time

With lots of wagging tails and smiles all around, Harry’s wish day was one to remember.

It began with the gift of a VIP princess dress (dark pink to match Harry’s glasses), complete with a sparkly, royal tiara. She was then whisked away to a glamorous salon where she received a head-to-toe pamper treatment, to help her feel as princessy as possible.

Afterwards, Harry and her sister were escorted via a 24-seat stretch-hummer, to their doggy destination. Upon their stylish arrival, Harry was greeted by 6 of her friends, plus 2 of the finest Guide Dogs in training, Kobe and Evie, dressed in their finest tuxedo-bandanas. Together the royal fluffy subjects guided Harry down a pink carpet, leading to her royal throne.

She’s enjoyed looking like she did before her hair fell out and feeling beautiful again.

Anthony, Harry's dad

An Afternoon of Barks and Laughs

Harry and her princess pals spent the afternoon indulging in high tea (including a dog-themed Angel Cake!), a cuddle-corner with 8 six-week-old puppies, and a pamper station to treat their puppy plush toys to new hair styles.

“It [the wish] gives her a chance to be a kid again, without the treatment, without hospital visits,” says Emma Eagles, Make-A-Wish Volunteer.

But that’s not all – there was one more treat in the bag for Harry’s wish day. A photoshoot! See the shots down below.

Memories Fur-ever

A wish reaches far beyond the day itself. According to Lisa, Harry’s mum, “Harriet talks about her wish all the time. She asks to pat every dog she passes and likes to tell people that she was a puppy princess. When we have visitors, she shows them her photo book. Her tiara and photo book are on her bookshelves in her room.”

The impact of a wish can also extend further than family or friends. “Harriet told the nurses and doctors about her special dog from her wish. She told them about the limo, the pink lemonade, and the puppies... She showed the nurses her Make-A-Wish video and it was so nice for them to see her looking well and healthy.”

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