Our commitment to child safeguarding

Make-A-Wish® Australia is committed to safeguarding children and young people, and always acting in their best interests to keep them safe.

We actively work to provide an environment where all children/young people, regardless of race, culture, religion, gender or sexual orientation, social or economic status, or ability, feel empowered to unlock their imagination and discover their own unique wish, in a world free from limitations and judgement.

Make-A-Wish does not tolerate abuse or neglect and considers this as intolerable under any circumstances. We are committed to safeguarding children and young people participating in our programs from any form of emotional, physical, sexual abuse or neglect.

Everyone working at Make-A-Wish Australia is responsible for the care and protection of children and young people and reporting information about child abuse and harm.

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Our child safeguarding policy

Code of conduct for staff and volunteers

Code of conduct for Wish Partners and Suppliers

Questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns about our Child Safeguarding practices, please contact us on 1800 032 260 and ask to speak to a Child Safety Officer. You can also email [email protected]