Audrey's Lego-Lover Wish

As a part of World Wish Day, we're celebrating the impact of incredible and unique wishes like Audrey's. Watch the extraordinary unfold as 10-year-old Audrey heads to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre to see her Lego dreams come to life.

For 10-year-old Audrey, Lego is her joy. It allows her to use her imagination and creativity to build people, places, and things that make her smile.

Watch the video to join in on Audrey's wish day at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre! 🎬

An Unbreakable Bond

Children all across the world spend five billion hours a year playing with their Lego – Audrey is definitely one of those kids! She has always loved expressing herself through her Lego and has spent many hours watching Lego builders on YouTube. It’s safe to say that Audrey and Lego share an unbreakable bond.

So it came as no surprise to her parents, when Audrey wished To build a custom pink Lego house and have a Lego minifigure of me’.

After having open heart surgery for her complex cardiac disease, Audrey was left with a zipper scar on her chest, which is why she asked that her Lego minifigure include a zipper scar too.

When it came to building her Lego dream house, Audrey insisted that it be her favourite colour – pink, of course! She provided sketches and ideas to the Lego Master Builders at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne, who spent months constructing Audrey’s Lego dream house and making her creative ideas a reality!

Welcome to the Land of Lego

The first piece to Audrey’s wish was a flight to Victoria for her, plus mum and dad. The family were then treated to a two-night stay in Hotel Chadstone Melbourne, where they were greeted with an array of gifts. This included a ‘Welcome Audrey’ sign made of Lego, patisserie cakes, a Lego Master Builder t-shirt, and more!

On Audrey’s official wish day, she received a small box with a blue ribbon, containing her Lego minifigure, including a zipper scar on the chest; kindly provided by The Minifig Co.

As the bright yellow roller-door to LEGOLAND opened up, Audrey rushed inside, pulling mum by the hands. Lego Master Builder, Piper, guided Audrey through LEGOLAND, including Miniland Melbourne’: a miniature replica of Melbourne’s most-loved buildings and landmarks, built from over 1.5 million Lego bricks!

Working on this wish for Audrey has been so exciting throughout the whole process. She’s such a bright and happy girl and she’s one of the bravest that I’ve met.

Amy, Lego Master Builder

Audrey’s Custom Lego Dream House

Following a surprise meet and greet with a life-sized Lego character and a ride on 'Merlin’s Apprentice', Audrey entered the 'Creative Workshop'. This is where she was presented with her Lego dream house, complete with:

⭐ 3 removable storeys

⭐ engraved ‘Audrey’ plaque on the front

⭐ mermaid grotto out the back

After spending some time with her Lego dream house, Audrey became an honourary Lego Master Builder and was awarded an official Lego Master Builder badge!

Audrey’s Lego-Lover Wish wrapped up with more rides, a visit to the 'Underwater Quest Room', and a trip to the 'LEGO 4D Cinema.'

See more photos of Audrey’s Legoland wish below!

Building an Impactful Wish

Because of her medical condition, Audrey can’t play any contact sports. Instead, she does ten different styles of dance classes, which is why the team at LEGOLAND ensured that the top level of her Lego dream house included a dance studio. Audrey’s mum Cath said the whole experience was even better than expected.

"I can't thank you all enough. I've been extremely emotional about it all. We don't talk about Audrey’s heart all the time, but it's always in the back of our minds, and to experience the kindness of strangers at this magnitude, is truly overwhelming.

Audrey absolutely loved it. She said the day was better than she expected. It was overwhelming how fabulous everything was! Thank you all so much. We were the last to leave the Centre!” says Catherine, Audrey’s mum."

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