Charlie Parties with Mickey

One of Disney’s most beloved characters joins 7-year-old Charlie and his friends for a super fun dance party!

Oh gee, Charlie!

The only things that 7-year-old Charlie adores more than Mickey Mouse are his friends and family. So when it came time to choose his wish, Charlie followed Mickey’s considerate nature and made sure it was an opportunity he could share with everyone: A party with Mickey and friends!

Charlie's communication is limited due to brain damage from multiple strokes, as a result of heart surgeries. So when he began singing songs from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse TV show, his family knew it was something special.

According to Charlie’s mum, Melissa, Charlie has been obsessed with Mickey (and the whole Clubhouse gang) since he was quite little.

“He loves all the characters on the show, particularly Donald Duck and Mickey. He loves to sing along with the songs and do the dances. He carries around a small plastic Mickey a lot and takes a plush Donald Duck toy around by the foot.”

Charlie’s Classroom Celebration

On the day of Charlie’s wish, he received a birthday dance party at school with Mickey, along with all his friends and family. Including his big brother and sister, who have been by his side all his life. ‘Charlie’s Cheer Club’, if you will.

When Mickey arrived, Charlie brought him to his classroom to meet his teacher and his friends. Together they enjoyed a super fun dance party, filled with smiles and giggles!

Melissa says that Mickey has a special way of speaking with children, especially kids like Charlie.

“I was quite surprised meeting Mickey - he was just the perfect size for children. And the other thing I didn't realise is that Mickey communicates in mime, which is an added bonus.”

His [Mickey’s] ability to communicate and interact with disabled children was quite phenomenal because he doesn't talk and they don't need to talk either.

Melissa, Charlie's Mum

Mickey Memories Forever

According to Mickey, ‘All you need is a little bit of magic.’ And Charlie’s family couldn’t agree more.

“The first highlight was Charlie’s face when it first all happened – when he realised what was going on. There was that magical, breathtaking moment, which was a combination of him being shy, nervous, and extremely excited. You could see so many amazing emotions going through him.”

Charlie loves his school friends, but illness often keeps him from his classes. So having time to spend celebrating with his mates was especially meaningful.

“He’s had quite a lot of challenges… but regardless of all of that, he is an incredibly gregarious, positive, and happy little boy who just loves people… Charlie’s got some beautiful memories of some of those kids dancing their hearts out.”

It was an amazing opportunity! We keep looking over his photos – and this wish has been going for years so he’s had a couple of videos from Mickey and a plush doll that came a year ago... We’re really grateful for it and we have some beautiful memories.

Melissa, Charlie's Mum

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