Alexander's Tasty Tassie Wish

As a part of World Wish Day, we're celebrating the impact of incredible and unique wishes like Alexander's. Read more about how 15-year-old foodie and old soul, Alexander, travels to Tasmania to fulfil his wanderlust and gourmet wish

Alexander is described as a very friendly and sociable 15-year-old who loves to explore the joys of food and travel.

Come follow his adventure in Tasmania 🎬

Alexander’s All-Thyme Favourite Hobbies

Inspired by one of his favourite TV shows, ‘Travel Guides’, 15-year-old Alexander wished ‘To have the ultimate Tassie foodie holiday.’

In the spirit of embracing the unknown – both new places and new foods – Alexander and his family (including mum, dad, and three siblings) were flown to Hobart, Tasmania (somewhere none of them had ever travelled before) to experience five days of food-related-fun.

“It means so much to me. I love to travel and go to new places and try new foods. It’s just so amazing,” says Alexander.

Alexander’s mum, Emily, thinks that his love for cooking was inherited from his dad, Mark.

“Alexander is quite a good cook! He’s very talented in making biscuits, lasagna, and coffee too,” says Emily.

A Journey Through NF1

Alexander was diagnosed with a genetic condition called neurofibromatosis (NF1) when he was just a baby. The condition can cause tumours to grow on nerves, of which are all internal for Alexander. He began chemotherapy treatment at the young age of six, when a tumour on one of his optic nerves caused him to lose sight in one eye.

Six years later, close to his 12th birthday, Alexander suddenly lost vision in his good eye.

“That was really devastating. Even though he had poor vision in one eye, we hadn’t considered him a vision impaired person because he was still able to read books, go to school, walk to the shops, and that sort of thing, but then suddenly he couldn’t see in either eye,” says Emily.

Although Alexander is legally blind, Emily says he’s figured things out and is quite happy with the stable situation right now.

“He can’t read but he can listen to audio books, he’s learning braille, and he’s using a cane.”

In addition to his cooking skills, Alexander has been learning to play the guitar and has also become interested in political activism.

So far it’s been a beautiful holiday for us as a family, so it’s something that we’re going to look back on as a wonderful experience.

Emily, Alexander's mum

A Soup-er Splendid Holiday

From fresh produce, fine meats, to anything chocolate, Alexander is a true cuisine connoisseur, with a special interest in pizza! In fact, one’s favourite pizza shop is a common query for Alexander to ask new people, friends, and hospital staff – just one element of his friendly nature that makes him so easy to talk to.

On day one of his wish, Alexander was taken on a 2-hour VIP walking tour of the Salamanca Markets, Tasmania’s most-visited tourism attraction in Hobart’s historic Salamanca Place. With more than 500 stalls, ripe with opportunities for food-tasting and mingling with the locals, Alexander was in his element.

“He’s felt very special today, going to all the different market stalls and being the celebrity,” says Emily.

Over the next few days, Alexander and his family spent time visiting as many restaurants as they could, which was just Alexander’s cup of tea.

Emily remembers fondly back on a Greek dinner, a bakery recommended by Alexander’s doctor, and trying lavender ice cream on their way to Port Arthur. The family also took time to work off their meals by swimming at every beach they came across and a hike up Mount Wellington.

“Alexander’s wish has given us a lot of joy, even before we’ve come on it, because he’s been planning it for such a long time. It’s been a great thing to think about through all of the years of treatment and worry about him, that he’s got this amazing thing coming up,” says Emily.

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