Sammy Summons Strength from her Creative Cubby

Whether it’s a scary procedure in the hospital or a bad dream at home, 6-year-old Sammy draws courage and bravery from her ice-castle cubby wish.

A Family Connection

Ever since Samarah (Sammy) and her sister, Rori, were invited to their cousin’s house to play in their cubby, she has been dreaming of the day she can play in one of her own, in her own backyard.

Inspired by her favourite movie ‘Frozen’, Sammy wished for a cubby that was fit for an ice-castle princess.

Cubby Construction Crew

When the Wish Capture Team arrived to ask Sammy what she would like for her wish, she presented them with a very detailed drawing of her cubby, complete with a sandpit, slide, telescope, and fairy lights.

This was insightfully helpful for our Cubby Construction Crew, who immediately got to work designing Sammy’s cubby, down to the very last detail.

But there was one last request from Sammy – a very thoughtful act, which would help her sister and cousins to feel included.

Sammy requested four chairs to go in her cubby so that she and her cousins and Rori would all have a place to sit.

Jess, Sammy's mum

A Space of Her Own

Originally described as “introverted and shy”, Sammy’s wish saw her become “more outspoken.”

“She was a little bit embarrassed when she first came out of the house and everyone was looking at her and waiting for her reaction too, but then she saw it... she was very, very happy and excited,” says Jess.

On the day of Sammy’s wish, she was surprised with her cubby, a princess-inspired party (including an Angel cake - yum!), and princess dresses for herself and Rori.

Jess also says that since the wish, Sammy and Rori have been spending lots of time up in the cubby and making sculptures in the sandpit. She can even imagine the sisters spending time in the cubby as they grow older.

Magic in the Air

Jess explains the anticipation of Sammy’s wish as something magical.”

“Even during the anticipation of Sammy’s wish being granted was like magic... the wish just gave her a boost of courage and bravery. It made it a lot easier for her to deal with challenging things.”

Remembering back to when her family was approached to nominate Sammy for a wish, Jess says that she originally felt naive about the impact a wish could have on a sick child, but that Sammy’s wish “was just magical.”

“The effect that it had on her journey and the boost of confidence that it gave her – it was just great.”

During her treatment and afterwards, even still now, if she wakes up with a bad dream, we ask: ‘What's something exciting and positive that you can think of to distract your brain with?’ and she would come back with ‘The Cubby.’

Jess, Sammy's mum

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