Latest Wishes

See the latest wish journeys that have been completed.

Why a wish is so important

It’s simple – six families around Australia will sit in a doctor’s office today to be told their child has a life-threatening medical condition. Their lives will change in an instant. This is the unimaginable.

The Wish Journey

A wish is not a fleeting gift – it’s a carefully planned journey, designed to complement a child’s medical treatment, and give them the hope, strength and joy they need to fight their illness.

The lasting impact of a wish

Hope can be a rare commodity for children battling a life-threatening illness. Kids miss just being kids. Their hope starts to fade. We know a Make-A-Wish wish can bring their hope back. And so can you.

Find out more about wish research

Wish Impact Studies from around the world reveal that a wish is a powerful psychological intervention in the life of a child with a life-threatening illness.

Apply for a wish

We believe wishes have healing power. If you know a child facing a life-threatening medical condition find out how you can make an application for a wish.

How it works

Find out about the steps we take to make a child's wish come true.