Blake's Video Game Real-Life Adventure Wish

9-year-old Blake experiences the real-life thrills of his favourite video game on the Gold Coast

This April, we are celebrating World Wish Day and the inspiring communities that help make wishes like Blake's come true.

Watch the video to witness Blake's wish come to life!

Blake-the-kid Levels Up

Exotic cars. An exciting mission. And an enthralling soundtrack. Add them all together, and what do you get? An adrenaline-filled Gold Coast adventure for Blake-the-kid!

Blake was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, but didn't let this slow him down from experiencing his action-packed wish, which was inspired by his dad’s shared love of fast cars and Blake’s favourite video game.

Blake and his family travelled to the Gold Coast, Queensland, where his wish began with a series of game-themed challenges to open a locked safe. Channeling his gaming persona, ‘Blake-the-kid' took on the challenge with confidence to unveil some outfit accessories that inspired him to level up for the rest of his wish!

From the Screen to the Streets

As Blake-the-kid's wish shifted into high gear, he took to the Gold Coast streets in a yellow Lamborghini, cruising to his very own soundtrack, featuring songs by Kenrick Lamar, M.I.A., and A$AP Rocky. This earned him the first clue (The letter ‘G’) to his over-arching grand mission.

“A love of fast cars is in his blood”, says Timothy, Blake’s dad.

Blake, well aware of his own growing love for European cars (especially Lamborghini and McLaren because they ‘look pretty’) says it all started when he began playing with Hot Wheels growing up.

The wish experience exceeded our expectations. It was a day that Blake will never forget! He’s felt so special being the centre of attention all day.

Paula, Blake's mum

Helping the 'Boys in Blue'

At the end of his Lamborghini car ride, Blake-the-kid was taken to Coomera Police Station, where he was asked to help the police capture an escaped criminal.

Following the clues left behind by the devious offender, Blake-the-kid was led down to a river behind the police station. Here he uncovered the criminal attempting to hide in some shrubs. With the help of Constable Hewson, Blake-the-kid arrested the escapee and returned him to his holding cell.

For his unwavering bravery, Blake-the-kid received his second clue: the letter ‘A’ and a police escort to the next stage of his wish.

Mission Complete

During a helicopter flight over Surfers Paradise, Blake searched for his next clue from the sky. After successfully uncovering the letter ‘M’, cleverly disguised on top of the Meriton Suites Hotel, Blake-the-kid and his family returned to the heli-pad, where the Wish Force had uncovered the final stage of his grand mission: another locked safe!

Now with three clues: the letters ‘G’, ‘A’, and ‘M’, it was up to Blake-the-kid to figure out the last code letter and unlock the safe. Using his gaming experience, Blake-the-kid cracked the code with the final letter ‘E’! Inside, was stacks of cash, imprinted with Blake-the-kid's face, a true prize for a true gamer.

Blake says that he hopes to live on the Gold Coast one day "because that's where all the cool cars are" and that mum can have a Lamborghini "if she comes along too!"

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