Snow for Hamish!

Hamish is a bubbly, happy young boy who is always giggling and playing with his older brother Cooper. On the outside, he looks just like any other seven year old. But what no one sees is that Hamish only has half a heart.

Hamish has a severe heart condition called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Since the day he was born he has been fighting for his life, enduring excruciating surgeries and long periods of time in intensive care. But Hamish’s wish gave him something very special to look forward to. It’s given him strength, courage – and thanks to our supporters, his wish came true.

Hamish’s cherished wish was to play with Husky dogs in the snow and make snow angels. It’s something he’s longed for since he was just four years old. That’s a long time for any child – but especially for Hamish, who faces an uncertain future. Knowing his wish was coming true gave Hamish hope – and in the months leading up to his wish, he prepared for his adventure at every opportunity. Decked out in a woolly pom-pom hat and gloves, Hamish would practise skiing in the kitchen – using oven mitts as skis! He even prepared to make snow angels by making “sand angels” at the beach. Even on his toughest days, the thought of his wish gave Hamish strength.

From the moment Hamish arrived at the snow, it was clear the anticipation was well worth it. “When we finally got up here, Hamish couldn’t believe it. He was ecstatic. We got out of the car and the first thing that he did was throw snowballs at his big brother. The joy on his face was just magical!” says his mum Jodie.

Hamish’s wish was everything he’d longed for and more. But for Jodie, the most precious thing of all was seeing the strength Hamish's wish gave her son from day one – and knowing it’s something he can take courage from for years to come.

“This Make-A-Wish journey has been the most magical thing that we could have asked for. Even on the days when he’s not well, this will be something that he can treasure for the rest of his life. As a family, we can’t be grateful enough.”

Watch the video below to see Hamish's wish come true:

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