Isaac's powerful wish

Unlike most adults, six year old Isaac has his life goals pretty sorted. He knows exactly what he wants to be when he grows up: a police officer, vet or dog trainer! But Isaac’s been facing something that no six year old should have to – his fight with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

Hospitals can be scary places for kids – especially when coping with painful treatment and the loneliness that comes from being isolated from your friends and family. But Isaac had something very special to look forward to. Something positive to mark the turning point in his medical journey… His wish to have his very own puppy to train and teach tricks to.

Sergeant Isaac and his trusty partner

Knowing Isaac’s career wish list, Make-A-Wish planned a very special surprise for the day Isaac’s wish came true. Make-A-Wish volunteers arrived with Isaac’s precious cargo – and the moment when Isaac saw his puppy for the first time was truly heart warming. With a huge smile on his face, he immediately ran up to cuddle his new companion – ‘Power’ the Chihuahua!

But that wasn’t all the day held for Isaac. When Victoria Police heard about Isaac’s wish, they were determined to help. Not only did they bring Isaac his very own police officer uniform, but the friendly Dog Squad team had even brought along some police puppies in training to teach Isaac and his new companion some tricks. Isaac’s favourite part about the day? Handcuffing a good-humoured police officer!

Friends for life

It’s been almost a year since Isaac met his fur-ever friend, and his mum says that the pair are inseparable.

"Isaac loves to wake up each morning, run to Power's room and give him the biggest cuddle like it was still the day he got him! They absolutely adore one another."

Isaac’s mum shared that the wish had an incredible impact on her son.

“It brought him so much joy when he was fighting such a tough battle. Thank you. We’ll be forever grateful for the wish."

One thing’s for certain, Isaac now has a loyal friend  who will bring him plenty of joy and friendship every day.