Wish still inspiring Jordan

Wish still inspiring Jordan

Jordan's wish came true in 2004. Now 19, Jordan and his dad John reflect on their wish experience with us, and his huge achievements!

A lucky discovery

When Jordan was little, during a routine visit doctors found an abnormality in his eyes, later diagnosed as a rare tumour called optic nerve Glioma. 

Instead of going off to kinder, Jordan's family were thrown into a world of doctors, gruelling treatment and hospital stays. He needed brain surgery and rounds of chemo and radiation to save his eyesight.

You're the wish that I want

While travelling for treatment and in recovery, Jordan loved to watch his favourite film Grease so much that his parents would sing the tracks to him.

His wish to meet star Sandy, aka Olivia Newton John, came at a time when Jordan and his family needed it most.

“The lead up to the wish was extremely exciting for all of us; we hadn't had a holiday or night out together in years.” – Jordan’s Dad

Jordan 100% recommends the wish journey to other young people going through a tough time: “My wish made me not think about treatment... I felt free after being stuck in a hospital room.” 

Looking forward

Jordan is now taking on the world after his illness. 

This superstar is studying a business degree after completing his HSC last year, a cadet Under Officer with the RAAF, and even received the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award from the Governor of NSW David Hurley!

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