Sydney has a new Super Hero - after Dom's wish to be Iron Boy comes true

Sydney has a new Super Hero - after Dom's wish to be Iron Boy comes true

Dom has always had a fascination with Iron Man. His mum revealed, “From a young age he would only answer to Tony (Tony Stark – a.k.a. Iron Man). The final straw was when he stood up at the dinner table and said ‘I am Iron Boy!’”

In a day that captured hearts all across Australia, Dom’s wish came true in spectacular style.

It started with an urgent message from NSW Police to Dom, with a helicopter waiting to take him straight to Police Headquarters.

"Iron Boy, we need your help," said NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione in a special video message to Dom. The hero's response? "Let's get down to business!" With a tailor-made costume, Dom was transformed into Iron Boy, looking every part the Super Hero. Dom’s older brother, Joseph, also got to join in as Colonel Rhodes.

Iron Boy to the rescue!

Iron Boy was whisked away to Clark Island to help rescue Make-A-Wish News reporter, Hope Joy, who had been kidnapped by Ultron’s henchmen. The henchmen were no match for Iron Boy, and he saved a very grateful Miss Joy.

But the highlight of the day was the showdown between Iron Boy and his arch nemesis, Ultron, on the steps of the Sydney Opera House. With newfound strength and courage from his wish, Iron Boy fought Ultron and his henchmen – and came out victorious after an epic battle.

Scipione led the applause for Dom, and presented him with a Medal of Valour. “What a fight!” he said. “Sometimes you need to call in a Super Hero. And we called in a special Super Hero today. Iron Boy, stepping up to help our great city the way you did, you exhibited bravery of the highest order.”

Thank you Iron Boy for saving Sydney, and for being our Super Hero.

As the icing on the cake of an amazing wish, Dom received a video from Iron Man himself – Robert Downey Jr - welcoming him as an honorary member of The Avengers!