Help make Charli’s wish come true

Help make Charli’s wish come true

It’s hard to know how much of her happy life six-year-old Charli remembers – before cancer took it away.

Charli was only four years old when she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

She was extremely ill and she needed immediate treatment. Everything changed for this beautiful little girl. No more dancing or swimming or playing with her friends. Instead – for two long years – Charli faced round after round of chemotherapy. But that wasn’t all; there were injections, blood tests, transfusions, scans, general anaesthetics, lumbar punctures, and other painful medical procedures. “Cancer has robbed Charli of the chance to be a regular four and five-year-old,” says her mum Sally. Throughout her treatment, Charli has thought up a special wish. It has given her strength through dark days when she felt really, really sick.

Charli’s wish is for a golden Labrador puppy and she’s already thought up the perfect name – Lola.

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While Charli was undergoing cancer treatment, she couldn’t have a dog. Her immune system was too weak – she was too vulnerable. But in a few weeks’ time, she’ll have her last chemotherapy treatment. With your help today, Charli can finally start to enjoy life again, with the most loyal friend of all by her side – her puppy Lola.

“After going through so much, I just want Charli to enjoy the things other kids take for granted like having fun, and getting muddy and dirty. I know a puppy will bring her joy – pure joy,” says Sally.

Charli’s drawn her dream puppy again and again. She understands how to care for a dog and so does her family. And we’ll make sure her puppy comes from a responsible and reputable breeder.

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Charli’s puppy needs to be more than a drawing to help her put the nightmare of cancer treatment behind her. With your help, she’ll soon hear the scramble of paws, see the wag of a tiny tail and be able to hold her puppy for the very first time.

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