Reef's Tassie adventure

What do fly fishing and Tasmanian Devils have in common?

They're both found in Tasmania and they're 12-year-old Reef's favourite things.

Reef's wish

A few of his favourite things

Recovering from acute myeloid leukaemia and living with an anxiety sensory disorder meant Reef required an extra special wish - one with 'choose your own adventure' options throughout.

Reef's mum Bec was aware that they would need exit strategies throughout the wish, in case each experience became too overwhelming.

Reef travelled to Tasmania to experience some of his favourite things. Thanks to your support, he had an incredible time.

With Reef's condition, it can sometimes feel like living in a bubble ensuring our activities are all needs appropriate for Reef - but we are much more confident with him travelling now, especially by plane, and we are so excited to see more of the world as a family in the future!

Bec Reef's mum

Fly fishing and Tassie devils

Reef had the option to watch fly fishing just like he loved on TV - or jump in the water himself with his very own fishing guide and a brand-new fishing rod. From there, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary opened its doors to Reef and his family after hours, so Reef didn't have to negotitate the crowds.

Their resident Tasmanian Devil was also as calm as an angel as soon as Reef arrived, meaning he had special moments up close with his favourite animal.

Reef's mum, Bec said the experience not only granted his most cherished wish but opened up their world as a family.

Your continued generosity makes wishes like this possible, thank you for giving Reed a wonderful wish experience.