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2018 Noosa Triathlon

We've got 50 spots up for grabs in the Noosa Triathlon, one of the most sought after multi-sport events in the world. Be part of the team making wishes come true.

Gyms can power wishes

Motivate your members, pull in new ones and raise the profile of your gym by holding a cardio challenge during July and August.

Run for Make-A-Wish

Take on your next running challenge as part of Team Wish. We'll support you every step of the way.

Bake A Wish

Pick up your wooden spoon and get ready to Bake A Wish! It’s a piece of cake to make life-changing wishes come true for seriously ill children.

Wear What You Wish

Hold a dress up day with a difference at your school. You will help make life-changing wishes possible for seriously ill kids.

Wax for a Wish

We’re challenging blokes around Australia to be brave and wince through a few moments of wax-induced pain to help make wishes come true.

Raise money for your Celebration

It's easy to raise funds for wishes through any occasion or celebration, by asking friends and family to make a donation in lieu of gifts.