Artemis' Guns n' Roses Concert Wish

The Gladstone community comes together with Make-A-Wish to produce a rockin’ wish for 18-year-old Artemis

Watch the video to witness Artemis’ wish come true through the electric energy of a live rock concert! Film

Wish Child O’ Mine

When Guns N’ Roses frontman, Axl Rose sang, “She’s got a smile that it seems to me, reminds me of childhood memories,” he could have easily been singing about 18-year-old Artemis, who loves nothing more than ‘rocking out!’ to her favourite tunes, and wished “To have my own custom Guns N’ Roses Concert!”

Artemis’ mum, Anne, said, “Artemis would love to attend a concert, as she is entertained by sensory experiences.” Sensory activities like listening to music, have become one of Artemis’ all-time enjoyable hobbies, due to the severity of her cerebral palsy. And because they both love the Guns n’ Roses song, ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’, we strived to ensure that her wish involved lots of lights, bubbles, and most importantly, live music!

A Rockin’ Wish

Artemis’ wish took place at the Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre, which ensured that her special day was fit for rock n’ roll royalty! As Artemis’ family, friends, and community arrived at the venue, they were offered red bandanas (in true Axl Rose fashion!), VIP passes, and custom Guns n’ Roses t-shirts.

Upon Artemis’ arrival, she was escorted down a red carpet, where her friends and family blew bubbles to celebrate her entrance. Artemis was then gifted a beautiful bouquet of red roses, which she held in her arms as she posed in front of the photo wall, decorated with black, red, and gold balloons (the signature Guns n Roses colours).

After Guns n’ Roses cover band, ‘Lies n’ Destruction’, came out to greet Artemis, the band lead everyone into the room where they were to perform their custom concert. Overhead, a recording of a crowd chanting for Artemis played.

Lies n’ Desctruction opened and closed with Artemis’ and her mum’s favourite song, ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’. Throughout the set, the band members approached the crowd, allowing Artemis to strum their instruments, and for others to sing along too.

I’ve never been on a wish like this before, it just goes to show that our wish kids are just as unique as their wishes.

Gabby Make-A-Wish Volunteer

One in a Million

Just as Artemis is a special, young woman, so was her wish. We hope that her wish helped her to feel more empowered and gave her (and everyone involved!) life-long memories that spark joy.

Gabby, one of the Make-A-Wish Volunteers at Artemis’ wish said, “Artemis was absolutely rocking out, it was such a joy to see her so happy and empowered!”

Lies n Destruction, commented on Artemis’ wish, “It was a special moment for us five guys, all of us fathers with kids, and we could not begin to understand the challenges that Artemis, her family, friends, and carers navigate on a daily basis. So we took this way of thinking into the show, with a sense of reverence, but also a hearty ‘Hell yeah!’. Let’s make this show not only something for Artemis to remember, but for us to remember the reason why we are musicians in the first place: to bring joy and experience to people to feel the power of music, in the way that we feel that power; the way music moves us all and has the ability to heal our souls.”

A special shout out to Lies n’ Destruction, the Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre, the Gladstone community, and all volunteers who helped make Artemis’ wish come true. It’s the rockstars in our Wish Force who help to make wishes like this possible!

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