Alex's Lightsaber Wish

16-year-old Alexander (Alex) graduated from Padawan to Jedi Knight after completing his training and building his very own Lightsaber.

Watch the video to witness Alex's journey from Padawan to Jedi Knight as he experiences the power of a wish come true! ⭐

A wish far, far away...

Drawn to its complex themes of dark vs light, the struggle between good and evil, and the importance of family and community, the Star Wars saga became an unwavering passion for Alex. This is what inspired his wish "To make my own lightsaber."

In anticipation of Alex’s wish, Make-A-Wish Australia teamed up with the talented folks over at Disney to provide him, plus his family and best friend, with official lightsaber training, which took place on 13 April at Mt Gravatt Westfield in Queensland.

Just as Rebellions are built on hope, so are our amazing wish kids. For Alex, the lightsaber training helped to build excitement and anticipation ahead of his wish coming true.

From Padawan to Jedi

Cloaked in his Jedi robe and wielding a green lightsaber, Alex, alongside other young Padawans, followed in the wise lesson from Master Yoda to ‘Do. Or do not. There is no try.’ Together they learned various offensive and blocking techniques from two of the galaxy’s most skilled Jedi Masters.

Alex then showcased his newfound skills in a one-on-one lightsaber duel, which culminated in a proud moment when he received an official certificate, successfully graduating from Padawan to Jedi Knight!

“My favourite thing about Star Wars is definitely how it’s helped me grow as a person.”

Alex, Wish Child

Crafting of the Lightsaber

On the day of Alex’s wish (May the 4th), he and his family were escorted to the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, situated within the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. Here they were greeted by the 501st Legion and Kembe, who came from a group of scavengers known as ‘The Gatherers’, to aid Alex on his journey through the ancient art of crafting a lightsaber.

Surrounded by his family and a galaxy of stars across the cosmic skydome, Alex contributed to the creation of his very own lightsaber; a vital tool for any Jedi Knight.

After completing the build of his purple lightsaber, Alex received one final surprise from the 501st Legion: a visit from Lord Darth Vader, who stopped by to take photos together with Alex; providing Alex with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

May the Force be with Alex

Alex’s mum, Kami, says that Alex’s passion for Star Wars has truly helped him through his Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis and the hearing loss in his right ear.

“With all the stuff that he’s been through, the cancer, the treatment, and all the stuff he’s missed out on... to have this thing that was a solid memory for him, that he’s going to remember forever, it was just so heartwarming and sweet.”

Kami initially described Alex as “reserved” and someone who “doesn’t open up easily”. But during his wish, Alex was quick to smile, laugh, and become more outgoing!

This wish would not have been possible without the collaboration between Disney Australia/New Zealand, Make-A-Wish Australia, and the Star Wars community.

May the Force be with Alex and his loved ones, as he continues along his cancer journey. ⭐

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