Freyja's wish to be plastic free

Update: Thanks to the overwhelming support for Freyja and her mission, we're very excited to announce that the target for her campaign was smashed! Freyja's bags will go into production! Thank you to everyone who contributed and supported Freyja.

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Freyja's story

This tenacious little mermaid is seven year old Freyja. Freyja is currently fighting Clear Cell Sarcoma, a very rare form of cancer.

Her wish took her to Queensland to see the marine animals she loves so much, and kickstarted a very special mission. 


"Freyja's cancer was so rare that it took a team of international specialists to identify." Lizzie, Freyja's mum

Freyja's wish

Freyja loves animals, especially marine life and is passionate about the environment. Her recent wish took her to Queensland to see dugongs and dolphins swimming in the wild.

But Freyja's wish ran much deeper than seeing these beautiful animals. Her passion has led to a personal quest to save the dugongs and dolphins by doing what she can to reduce the amount of plastic in our oceans. While on her wish Freyja and her family walked the beaches picking up rubbish. During a recent hospital visit Freyja even organised a meeting to talk about reducing the use of plastic within the hospital. She really is one driven young lady!

Two girls on a boat in life jackets


The lasting impact of her wish

As part of her quest, Freyja has taken it upon herself to design her very own tote bag inspired by her recent visit to see the animals she loves. 

Freyja designed the artwork to represent the dugongs and dolphins at risk because of the enormous amounts of plastic in their home, the ocean.

We wanted to make this tote bag into a reality and help Freyja spread awareness to rid the ocean of single use plastic.

Thanks to the help of the public, the bags are going into production! 


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