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Our trusted reputation

In December 2020, Make-A-Wish was proud to again place amongst Australia's 'Top 20' most trusted charities.

14 December 2020

Tracking Australia's most reputable charities

In December 2020, Make-A-Wish was incredibly proud to again place among Australia's most reputable charities.

The RepTrak Charity study measures the reputations of a benchmark set of the largest Australian charities each year, based on ACNC revenue data.

In the 2020 study, RepTrak found that Make-A-Wish Australia achieved an excellent reputation score (80+), on par with charities within the ‘Top 20’, even though we were not included in the benchmark set of 40 charities this year (based on revenue).

Sally Bateman, Chief Executive Officer of Make-A-Wish Australia said: “In a year like no other, it’s wonderful to see that community trust remains high and the public recognises the important role Make-A-Wish plays to support families and inspire children with critical illnesses.

"Our reputation is a testament to the incredible Wish Force – including our donors, supporters, partners and volunteers. While we know it’s been a tough year and wishes are waiting - we are optimistic that the best for Make-A-Wish is still to come.”

Our reputation is a testament to the incredible Wish Force who come together, each and every day, to bring extraordinary wishes to life.

Sally Bateman - Chief Executive Officer, Make-A-Wish Australia

About the Charity RepTrak Study

The annual Charity RepTrak Study has measured and tracked the reputations of a benchmark set of 40 Australian charities since 2011.

In 2018, Make-A-Wish Australia was the only new entrant in the 'Top 20' index, moving up from 16th to 13th place in 2019.

In 2020, RepTrak’s study criteria meant that Make-A-Wish did not qualify for the benchmark set of 40 of the largest charities (based on 2018 ACNC revenue data). According to the ACNC, Make-A-Wish reported revenue of $13.9M in 2018, compared to comparable charities like Canteen ($37.4M), Starlight ($34.2M) and Ronald McDonald House ($33.2M).

In addition, as of 2020, RepTrak no longer publicly releases the Index rankings of the 'Top 40' charities. However, following the 2020 study, RepTrak reported that Make-A-Wish achieved an excellent score (80+), which is on par with the 'Top 20' charities.

“Given the challenging times and elevated expectations from the public, Make-A-Wish has done very well to achieve an excellent reputation score this year.”

Source: Charity RepTrak Report (prepared for Make-A-Wish Australia), 2020.

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