Meet our International Make-A-Wish Volunteer of the Year!

Meet our International Make-A-Wish Volunteer of the Year!

We're thrilled to announce that our wonderful volunteer and National Patron, Robyn Moore, is the 2016 International Make-A-Wish Volunteer Award recipient!

Robyn's contribution to Make-A-Wish over the past 24 years is nothing short of extraordinary. Her passion for wishes runs deep and she has boundless energy for Make-A-Wish despite the demands of her own career.

A bit about Robyn...

Robyn has volunteered for our Hobart branch for almost 20 years and has helped deliver some of our most iconic wishes. She's one of Australia’s most sought after motivational speakers and MCs, and captivates audiences with wish stories at every opportunity.

Robyn has dedicated countless days to Make-A-Wish and is involved in all aspects of our work – be it hosting events, coaching and mentoring staff and volunteers, meeting business partners, visiting wish families, or simply bringing joy to a wish child through a phone call as Blinky Bill... Yes, she is the voice of Blinky Bill!

On winning the award...

On receiving the award, Robyn shared:

"As National Patron and a volunteer wish granter for 24 years, you can imagine how humbling and moving this award is for me. It is also extremely uplifting and motivating.

"Most people say when receiving an award that it is for all the team – and the funny thing is that my name isn’t on the trophy! I was very grateful when I realised that 'Make-A-Wish Australia' was written on the award, because this is actually perfect. I can truthfully say to all 1,100+ volunteers around Australia, that this award clearly belongs to all of us!

"This award represents all of our volunteers' generosity, creativity, determination, compassion and commitment to hope, strength and joy" – Robyn Moore

Congratulations Robyn – you truly deserve to be recognised as an outstanding volunteer in our extraordinary Make-A-Wish family.