Make A Wish Australia, Children's Charity - Fraser with his puppy ziggy smiling and cuddling him Make A Wish Australia, Children's Charity - Fraser with his puppy ziggy smiling and cuddling him

Best children's charity for granting life-changing wishes

Discover why Make-A-Wish Australia stands out as one of the best children's charities, granting wishes for kids facing critical illnesses. Explore heart-warming stories, impactful programs, and our transparent approach to creating lasting, positive change. Learn more and support the best children's charity today.

In Australia, studies show over 14,000 children are living with a life-threatening illness and facing challenges that can seem impossible. The role of children's charities becomes critical bringing light into the lives of those who need it most. At Make-A-Wish Australia, our mission is to grant the wish of every eligible child – a quest sparked by the belief that a wish is integral to a child’s treatment.

For over 35 years, Make-A-Wish Australia has been a relentless advocate for children with critical illnesses.

Choosing hope: what to look for in a children's charity

At Make-A-Wish Australia, we believe in empowering our supporters with the knowledge to make informed choices. Here's a guide on what to look for when choosing a children's charity that aligns with your values and commitment to positive change.

ACNC Registration. Make sure the charity you choose proudly bears this mark, signifying adherence to regulatory standards and a commitment to ethical practices.

Transparency. A reputable children's charity should provide clear and easily accessible information on how they allocate funds from generous donations. At Make-A-Wish Australia, we strive for transparency, ensuring that every contribution directly impacts the lives of children facing critical illnesses.

Accountability Policies. Look for children's charities that have robust policies and procedures in place, ensuring accountability in every aspect of their work. Make-A-Wish Australia stands firm in its commitment to accountability, constantly evaluating and improving the positive impact made possible by the generosity of our supporters.

Measurable Impact. The best children's charities go beyond good intentions. Discover how your chosen charity makes a difference — at Make-A-Wish Australia, we take pride in illustrating why wishes matter.

Choosing to support a children's charity is a deeply personal decision. At Make-A-Wish Australia, we invite you to explore our commitment to transparency, accountability, and the unwavering belief in the power of wishes.

Wish kids celebrating the best wish ever

What makes Make-A-Wish Australia one of the best children's charities

Make-A-Wish was incredibly proud to again place among Australia's most reputable charities.

The RepTrak Charity study measures the reputations of a benchmark set of the largest Australian charities each year, based on ACNC revenue data.

RepTrak found that Make-A-Wish Australia achieved an excellent reputation score (80+), on par with charities within the ‘Top 20’, even though we were not included in the benchmark set of 40 charities this year (based on revenue).

Sally Bateman, Chief Executive Officer of Make-A-Wish Australia said: “In a year like no other, it’s wonderful to see that community trust remains high and the public recognises the important role Make-A-Wish plays to support families and inspire children with critical illnesses.

"Our reputation is a testament to the incredible Wish Force – including our donors, supporters, partners and volunteers. While we know it’s been a tough year and wishes are waiting - we are optimistic that the best for Make-A-Wish is still to come.”

Wish kid Sophie, 11, wished to shrink like Alice in Wonderland

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