James is wishing for an adventure

James has had a tough start to life - being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness before he was even born. His wish for an outback adventure is a chance for him to have some fun and create lasting memories as he experiences what it's like to be a normal kid.

This end of financial year, you can make life-changing wishes come true with a tax-deductible donation.


Meet James

James has hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a severe condition which means that the left side was not properly formed and is not able to support normal blood flow around the body.

He's 11 years old, but has already had three major open-heart surgeries, as well as an array of other regular appointments, procedures and operations to get through.

There hasn't really been much time for him to be 'just a regular kid'.

Watch to find out more.

We just don't know how long we've got him for.

Brooke James' mum

The diagnosis

A tough start

James' mum Brooke remembers only too clearly the day she was told that her baby had a life-threatening heart condition.

She was 30 weeks pregnant.

Doctors advised her to 'consider all options' – even if that meant terminating her pregnancy. That’s how serious the heart condition was.

Sadly, Brooke is not alone. Every week in Australia, around 125 families are told that their child has a life-threatening illness.

It was devastating. That day is something that will be stuck in my mind forever. Walking out of that scan was just horrendous.

Brooke, James' mum

Can you give a tax-deductible donation to make James' wish come true?

We really want to send James on his outback adventure, but we can't do it without your help. Here's how your secure, tax-deductible donation can help bring James' wish to life:

Everyday life

Missing out on fun

Everything in James' life is affected by his condition - he misses lots of school, can't play football anymore, and even had to miss a friend's birthday when the paintball party was deemed too dangerous for his health.

On top of all that, James and his family live every day in the knowledge that at any time, his condition could worsen without warning.

Through our support group, we know of some kids James' age who have the same condition, and who have passed away. It really hits home for us.

Brooke James' mum

the wish

Wishing for an adventure

James loves the great outdoors, and his wish is to go on an outback adventure - to travel in an RV, visit Uluru and come face-to-face with a crocodile (crikey!).

For James, this means that instead of trips to and from hospital, he can finally go on a trip that’s fun and exciting.

His wish will be a wonderful distraction from everything he's had to go through, and something positive he can really look forward to (and reflect on) during the difficult days to come.

Help make wishes come true

In Australia today, James is one of more than 9,500 kids battling a life-threatening illness.

As one of Australia's Top 20 most trusted charities, Make-A-Wish doesn't receive government funding which means we rely on your support to help. When a wish is realised, a child discovers that despite their situation, anything is possible.

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That's good news for you, and means you could receive a welcome boost to your tax refund (yay!).

It's also good for our mission - meaning we get to use the full value of your gift to help more seriously ill kids, making more wishes come true together in 2019.

How it works

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