New pony Prada is the mane event

Prada, a girls best friend

Five years ago, when she was 7, Bridgette’s family gave her a pet Bearded Dragon just to satisfy her wish for a pet! Now she’s about to get a beautiful new gentle pony, Prada, in answer to her wish for a horse to take to pony club and learn to ride again.

Trotting towards recovery

Horse obsessed and with a love to ride that’s been put on hold for more than a year, Bridgette can’t wait to finally meet her new dream horse, Prada, who is a Gypsy Cob. Late in May 2021 after experiencing worrying symptoms and then an MRI and brain surgery, Bridgette was diagnosed with an Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor (ATRT), a very aggressive tumor of the central nervous system in her left frontal lobe. Two surgeries later, and more than a year of chemo and radiotherapy with more to come, and a feeding tube, have meant that Bridgette’s walking and muscle strength has declined rapidly, with her needing to use a wheelchair and leg splints to stretch her calf muscles.

“This Make-A-Wish experience gave Bridgette something to really look forward to when she wasn’t feeling great in hospital."

Kristie, Bridgette's mum

'All legs Bambi'

Sometimes now referring to Bridgette as ‘Bambi’ because she’s all legs, her mum, Kristie says “This Make-A-Wish experience gave Bridgette something to really look forward to when she wasn’t feeling great in hospital – we would research for a new horse together for hours, taking our minds off everything.” Now, Bridgette and her family including her two sisters – Georgia 15 and Chelsea 9 – have something positive to look forward to with the arrival of Prada in the semi-rural area of Dapto.

The 'gentle horse' arrives!

Bridgette and Prada are both familiar with conquering hurdles, and the delayed delivery of Prada was just a small set back in a life-long friendship between Bridgette and her 'gentle horse'. The day that Bridgette and Prada were finally united was full of smiles, and cake! See the images of Bridgette's special day below.

Thank you, Make-A-Wish supporters!

In these uncertain times, we’d like to thank you, our amazing supporters who make a difference to families and wish kids like Bridgette. We couldn’t do what we do without people like you.