Alec's wishing for a train ride

They don’t make them much tougher than little Alec. The 8-year-old has been fascinated by trains all his life, so his wish is no surprise – an amazing train ride experience!


Meet Alec

Alec and his twin brother, Troy, were just like any other 8-year-olds...

…but when their dentist told the family to cancel their upcoming family holiday because of the lump they noticed growing between Alec’s jaw and his skull their family’s life was turned on its head.

“Everything changed. We now had a child with cancer,” Alec’s father Peter said.

“It was hard on all of us. Obviously for Alec – he was either sleeping or vomiting most of the time. Shirley (Alec's mum) and I rarely saw each other – I would do the day shift with Alec in hospital, then Shirley would come home from work, and do the night shift.”

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A tough ride

On the few “good” days Alec had while going through treatment, he and dad Peter would go for long train rides. Alec loved the scenery on the rides and talking about the different types of trains.

Peter said train rides were moments of joy for them both.

When Alec was sick, when he wasn’t sleeping or vomiting, all he could do was watch TV or look at the iPad. When he was up to it, going on those train rides just broke up the monotony of what his life had become.

Peter Alec's dad

The wish

Choo-choosing a wish

Peter has long been a train enthusiast, having built a model train set in the family lounge room when Alec and Troy were just babies. The boys weren’t allowed to touch the set, but loved being around it and looking at it. So it was no surprise to Peter that Alec’s wish was to do with trains.

When he was asked by what he'd like his wish to be, Alec told us it was “to learn more about trains and go on a new type of train.”

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Alec is incredibly excited about his wish. When we told him that he might be able to get a wish, he just said ‘oh wow’, but it was the look on his face that showed me just how much it meant to him. We really hope it comes true.

Peter Alec's dad

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