Sophie survived brain surgery

Sophie, 11, was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour when she was just 8 years old. To distract her from all the medical treatments, she watched Alice in Wonderland on repeat.

Sophie has a vivid imagination and knew exactly what she wanted for her wish - to shrink like Alice and enjoy an unbelievable tea party in her very own colourful and oversized Wonderland! And that's exactly what happened!

Sophie’s wish was an unforgettable experience, and its effects will continue to have a positive impact on her and her family.


More about Sophie and her Wonderland

“Sophie wasn’t walking or talking by the time the surgery happened. The doctors said that we would be lucky if she got any better than that.”  

It’s hard to imagine being a parent and hearing those words, isn’t it?

But that’s exactly what Sophie's parents Rita and Scott were told when she underwent treatment for a rare and dangerous type of brain tumour.

Sophie and Kayla

85 weeks of chemo

Immediately after her diagnosis, Sophie had a major operation on her brain. Three weeks later, she had her first round of chemo. For the next 85 weeks almost two years – she had intensive chemo at the local hospital once a week.

For children fighting critical illness like Sophie, the joy and fun of childhood is put on hold. But you can help give them hope.

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Her magical adventure

Sophie wished to shrink like Alice in Wonderland - and that's exactly what happened!

She had an unbelievable tea party in her very own colourful and oversized Wonderland, joined by well-loved characters like the Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts. 

Sophie dressed as Alice in Wonderland with the Mad Hatter


Wishes are vital

Sophie's unique wish gave her some much needed physical and emotional time away from appointments, procedures and operations. 

Each of our wish journeys are carefully crafted and uniquely designed for each wish kid to build anticipation, excitement and resilience; often making something they previously thought impossible, possible. 

And that can open up whole new world, unrestricted by illness.

Sophie’s mum Rita knows the impact the wish will have on her daughter.


A brighter future

By giving Sophie something positive to focus on, her wish will help give her the strength she needs to carry on fighting her illness in the years to come.

It will even give her precious hope that she will one day beat it for good.


Wishes are vital

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