Scarlett’s wish to see a unicorn fly

As told by Vickie Lester, volunteer team leader for Scarlett's wish

A unicorn is born

When I first spoke to Scarlett’s mum in early 2014 she told me that it was not possible for her daughter to make a wish. Scarlett, diagnosed with a rare heart defect, was too sick for imagination, fun, or play – all she could do was lie on the couch.

Six months later we met Scarlett. A frail, shy little thing, Scarlett was clinging to mum with all of her might. “Scarlett, if you could wish for anything in the whole wide world what would it be?” we asked. At that moment, Scarlett’s shyness faded, and she declared, “I want to meet a unicorn and lick its horn!” 

The drive home after that visit was an interesting trip. For the first five minutes no one spoke. It seemed like a lifetime, and then one of us said out loud what all three of us were thinking: “Unicorns aren’t real are they?” The silence ended and the laughter was long and hard. Our minds were spinning. There was, however, one thing that we were sure of: this was a wish that was going to put our ‘cherished wish’ philosophy to the test! 

We had made a promise to a five year old girl, and we had to deliver!

Bringing Scarlett's wish to life

It took a Wish Force of mammoth proportions to make Scarlett’s wish come true. From animators to projectionists, orchestras to chefs - we were amazed at how many people were willing to lend their time, skills and expertise to bring Scarlett's unicorn to life.

After months of anticipation and excitement, the big event finally took place. With The Arts Centre spire lit up in rainbow colours and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra playing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in the background, over 200 onlookers watched as Scarlett’s unicorn flew down from the sky. She even got a chance to brush its silky mane, take it for a ride - and of course, lick its rainbow horn!

Watch the video below to see Scarlett's wish come true:

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