The Power of a Spidey Wish

Alex is a huge superhero fan and wished to do LOTS of his favourite things, so we brought in Iron Man to help!

Alex’s wish was inspired by his love for the game Minecraft, a virtual land similar to Lego where players can build their own worlds and experiences.

This creative six year old definitely had an adventure ahead, and was excited for months in the lead up. He counted down the days until he’d get to do all his favourite things – like build sandcastles, climb a ladder, shoot a bow and arrow and dig for two diamonds!

And the best way to feel extra brave to complete these quests? Becoming a superhero.


Alex, who has a rare immunodeficiency disease, travelled with his family to Rottnest Island for his wish, arriving in style by helicopter and in a Spider-Man suit!

Alex cracked up laughing when he saw that not only one Iron Man, but two of his favourite heroes were waiting for him. One Iron Man was a goodie of course, while the other played the villain.

Together with his family, Alex had a series of challenges to complete, including climbing a ladder to find one of his two ‘diamonds’, and cracking clues to dig and find the second diamond.

Alex also had to use his superpowers to rescue good Iron Man with his foam bow and arrow, after he had been kidnapped by the evil Iron Man and tied to a tree!


Alex’s dad said the whole journey helped Alex embrace his childhood after months of hospital stints.

“Alex is a fighter and has a zest for life like you wouldn’t believe, but this wish gave him a huge sense of achievement he’ll carry with him.”

“Since his wish Alex has gone from taking up to 20 lots of medication each day, to TWO lots of medication per day, and we’re looking at Alex coming completely off his meds over the next few months.”

“It was the best experience we’ve ever had as a family, we can’t say thank you enough.”

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