Phase one of operation: wish for a robot

Can you keep a secret? Meet fun and cheeky Charlie, 9, who is fighting Duchenne muscular dystrophy and using his positive energy and super smarts to build a robot to complete a super secret mission... and to bug his little sister.

Inspired by R2D2 and long obsessed with all things scientific, like many young kids, Charlie’s family was not surprised to learn of his robot aspirations.

However, the motivation for his robotic aspirations is a bit more unique…

Charlie and his mum


You wish to build a … what!?

Well, for Charlie his robot rational is two-fold: one, sibling rivalry and two, practicality of living with his condition.

Charlie has talked about robotics since he began his battle with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, often saying things like...

‘why can't someone build a robot wheelchair that helps you with everything?’

Charlie struggles with his muscle capacity so it is hard for him to play with some of his toys (including his nerf guns!), which is why his mum thinks he came up the idea of a robot who can help him with this.


Sibling rivalry

Now, onto the sibling rivalry…Charlie and his sister are only 19 months apart in age and are very close, they are like best friends but also have a lot of typical brother/sister competitions.

Charlie’s sister loves being outdoors but this is hard for Charlie with his condition, instead they spend hours together inside building lego. They share lots of things but one thing they won’t be sharing, is this robot!

Charlie wants to keep his robot a secret from his sister. He wants it to be camouflage so she won't see it and in his incredible prototype drawings he’s included little secret doors that will hide his toys. Charlie told his mum that his sister ‘will think it is a cute and she won't ever suspect that it has secret little compartments’!




Queue the robotic professionals

Our #WishForce was needing a bit of robotic expertise…

When we told Woodside Robotics about Charlie’s wish they were excited to get to know Charlie and are confident they can deliver on his very particular brief.

Who is heading up this operation? Right next to Woodside Robtoics, it’s Charlie of course!




And we are building…

Charlie will be going into Woodside Robotics HQ to meet the robotics team so that he can give them the inside knowledge of what his robot will look like. He will be visiting the lab where his robot is being built so that he can be a part of the whole process.

To get a bit more scientific insight, Charlie will also be meeting a NASA humanoid, called Robonaut. The team at Woodside Robotics will be able to programme Robonaut to greet Charlie and send him messages as he waits for his own robot to be built.

We can’t wait to keep you updated as this super scientific secret wish evolves.


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