Meggan's wish to be an author

Meggan was born with very small arteries on her right side and none at all on her left, a condition known as pulmonary atresia.  By the time she was seven, she'd already had seven operations.

As she grew up unable to participate in many sports and spending long weeks in hospital, a lot of Meggan's time consisted of reading. Meggan quickly developed a love for the written word, realising by the time she was six that she wished to be a published author when she grew up. Meggan wrote her first rhyming book, "Grandma's Cat", as a Christmas present for her sister.

Thanks to the generosity of our Wish Force, a passionate group of people who come together to help make wishes come true, Meggan is now in the process of having her first two books, "Grandma's Cat" and "Felix the Field Mouse" published! Not only has Meggan written these two books, she has also done all the illustrations herself, and is looking forward to her very own book launch!

Stay tuned for more on Meggan's wish.