Meet Ethan - Australia's youngest pirate!

Ethan is 4 and has a condition called craniosynostosis, which causes pressure on his brain. He’s been in and out of hospitals since he was an infant, and has already had two surgeries to remodel his skull so that his brain has room to grow.

Because of everything he’s been through, Ethan is often hesitant to do anything that’s too adventurous. However, that’s completely changed since his wish for his very own pirate cubby came true. In fact, he’s now having swashbuckling adventures all day long!

Ethan’s wish comes true

Ethan’s mum Alecia shared that Ethan had been itching to play on his cubby ever since he found out it was being built. And when the finished cubby was revealed, noone could wipe the smile off Ethan's face.

“Everyone was dressed as pirates and when they told Ethan he could play on his cubby, he was so excited he yelled out ‘YAHOOOO!!!’”

The wish effect

Alecia has noticed a dramatic shift in her son since his wish came true.

 “It’s been so good for him with his confidence, and it’s really encouraged him to be more adventurous.”

By spending time climbing into the cubby, speeding down the slide, and swinging high on the swings Ethan’s self-belief is growing by the day.

“Wishes are brilliant. People do this from the goodness of their heart and that just blows us away. We are forever grateful.” 

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