Kellie's wish inspires a lifetime of adventures

In 2004 Kellie spent six months in hospital having intensive chemotherapy, before a successful bone marrow transplant and many more weeks of isolation.  

When it was time to make her wish, 14-year-old Kellie understandably wanted to do something outdoors and exciting!

Kellie and her family spent five days enjoying white water rafting, helicopter flights, four-wheel driving, and Kellie’s favourite part – a jet boat ride!

The best medicine

Kellie says her wish was her family’s first trip away after she became ill, and was exactly what they all needed.

“The joy a wish provides in an often sad and difficult time can bring inspiration to kids and families… or in the case of my wish, reunite a family and help them move forward after a difficult period. “ 

Inspiration doesn't stop there

“My wish also inspired me to jump out of plane for my 21st birthday, much to my mother’s dismay!”

Kellie is now 28 and works with the Victoria Corrections system, and along with her husband is the proud owner of a little house with a sunny backyard and a pet yabby named Rodney.

“The whole experience has impacted greatly on my life. I convinced my husband to take me back to the wish location for our honeymoon, where I again jet boated, jumped in a helicopter and rode the gondola up the mountains.”

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