Kai kicking goals after wish

Kai is a HUGE Blues fan and his wish to"be part of the Carlton Football Club for a day" was more than he ever imagined.

The day began with a knock at his hotel door. Mum Rachelle told Kai that it was “probably the bus driver”.

Imagine Kai’s surprise when he opened the door to see former Carlton superstar and Brownlow medalist Chris Judd standing there, ready to chauffer him to meet the team!

Bound by Blue

At the club, Juddy took Kai and his brother Coby on a special behind the scenes tour through Carlton’s training facilities – including the gym and the sacred boys’ locker room.

An ecstatic Kai was then presented with his very own Carlton training jumper by Juddy and Dennis Armfield, before hitting the ground the rest of the Blues boys for training.

On game day Kai even got to run onto Etihad stadium through the banner with the team’s most senior players!

Fuelling Kai's determination 

Kai’s mum shared the incredible impact she has already seen from his wish:

“We can't thank you enough for helping make our little boy even more determined to fight back against cystic fibrosis every day."

"Kai's been really positive and more inspired to stay healthy. Before he sometimes resisted his physio but now he says, ‘I want to be fit like the Carlton boys!’"

"He wants to do what they do. It’s so special.”

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