James’ best ever birthday

James is 8 and has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. For three years, he’s bravely endured chemotherapy, frequent hospital visits, and worry after worry.

“It was very draining,” says dad Martin. “It was hard times. When your child gets diagnosed like that, everything changes.”

James is a massive fan of the Adelaide Crows, and absolutely worships Sam Jacobs. His wish was to have his birthday party with Sam and the rest of the team. When he found out that his wish was going to come true, Martin says he was so excited.

“He’s been very excited for a while now. The build up to the day has actually been months in the making.”

A very special birthday

When the big birthday came, James (who wants to be a police officer when he grows up) was taken to a local police station to meet Sam. The two got a lift in a police car to Adelaide Oval, where James was amazed to find ten of his favourite Crows players and his family and friends! The words “Happy birthday James” shone in front of him in big letters.

James was overjoyed, so much so that he bypassed all the tasty treats that were nearby, grabbed his mates and the Crows players and headed straight to the oval for a game of footy. He was able to tackle the boys, and Sam even lifted him in the air so that he could take a specky!

James' best ever day

The day finished off with exactly what James had wished for – a birthday party with the boys from the Adelaide Crows. It was something that Martin says, made James so, so happy.

“We’re just thankful that is he is not only happy, but healthy. It has just been an amazing experience.”

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