Gordon Ramsay serves up a slice of inspiration

Julian, 18, is fighting Hydrocephalus. Julian is a passionate cook and would one day love to be as good a chef as Gordon Ramsay. 

Gordon, Julian and family

Cutting it fine

Julian wished to meet his idol, Gordon Ramsay, but sometimes it felt like this might be impossible.

Because he wasn’t coming to Australia Gordon initially sent Julian a personalised apron and a video message.

This kept Julian going, but he kept holding out for Gordon to come to Australia so they could meet.

Unfortunately, due to his condition, Julian was losing his eyesight so the dream of becoming a chef was also starting to seem impossible. 


Gordon Ramsay lands on our shores

Julian’s poor eyesight has caused him to have a rough trot and he has had some huge obstacles to overcome outside of his treatment.

When we told Julian’s mum the news that Julian was going to get to visit Gordon, she said the timing couldn’t have been better – Julian had just been pronounced legally blind.

‘After so many years of watching Julian conduct himself with dignity through what seems at times like an eternal string of bad news, he finally got a win,’ said Julian’s mum.


Gordon shares the recipe for confidence

When the big day arrived Gordon instantly made sure Julian knew that he could, and should, be a chef.

Julian said the highlight of the wish for him was ‘realising that Gordon believed in me.’

‘The wish experience gave me hope, faith, self-confidence but most importantly, the will to live… It reminded me of what is possible and made me realise that I shouldn't give up, or stop moving forward.’

Gordon, Julian and sisters


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