Digger Dan's defence wish

Meet 12 year old ‘Digger Dan’. Dan's in recovery from spinal cord tumours.

He was born on Anzac Day and according to his mum, “shows all the traits of an Australian Digger; resilience, courage, bravery and endurance”.

And his wish reflected just that! To ride in a police car, fly in a helicopter and head out to sea on a battleship!


Dan’s in recovery

Dan's been admitted to hospital more than 45 times since his diagnosis in 2015. He had low body weight and limited strength.

To get him ready for his wish, we sent him a 'strong box' - complete with a weight chart and recipes from a paediatric nutritionist. It took 18 months of training, but Dan was ready!

Dan growth chart

The wish journey made him strong

With the help of the Royal Australian Navy and Australian Federal Police, plus Hungry Jack’s, Dan's epic wish came true! 

Digger Dan got to ride in a police car, fly in a helicopter and head out to sea on a battleship.

Dan's wish coming true


There's something special about me

The wish, dubbed ‘Operation Kingsman’ came to life over two incredible days across Canberra and New South Wales – starting with a police escort to his own helicopter!

Dan was also awarded temporary commanding officer of HMAS Hobart!

“Daniel’s wish has given him an opportunity to think and dream about positive things when surrounded by some of the most negative things that life sends our way.” - Daniel's mum

Dan saluting


Wishes have a life long effect

“It’s getting the smile back – that’s the most important thing. This wish will never stop giving, his smile is still there now,” Dad shared.

Mum added: "Daniel will be able to use his wish when he has procedures at the hospital. He will close his eyes and escape the room and go back to his wish. I am going to shut my eyes and go with him."

Dan looking ahead


Wishes are vital

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The facts

> Six Australian families a day receive the devastating news that their child has a life-threatening illness.

> Last year, the number of families asking for our help increased by 30%.

> We don’t receive any government funding – all wishes are powered by the generosity of our supporters.


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