A cubby for a courageous kid

Daphnie is five years old and full of fun and vibrancy. She loves all the usual things a five year old loves… including Cinderella and telling off her little brother!

Unfortunately Daphnie also has to deal with some pretty tough stuff because she is fighting Langerhans cell histiocytosis, a rare disease.

Daphnie inside cubby

Her wish was for a cubby house all of her own. Her family call it her ‘magical’ cubby house for the incredible effect it has had on her.

‘It has made such a difference to have this in her life,’ said Daphnie’s mum.

‘Since Daph has been home from hospital her magical cubby has been the best, she is in it all day and absolutely loves it. Her favourite thing to do is dress up like a princess and play for hours and hours!’

Daphnie thought long and hard about her wish and decided on a cubby house because she needed to have a space that was just hers, where she could chill out and play and do all the normal little girl things.

Once decided on a cubby house Daphnie knew just what it needed

Daphnie outside cubby

Daphnie’s magical cubby house specs:

• Slide AND stairs

• Naughty chair in the corner for her little brother (what sibling wouldn’t want this?!)

• Located near her swings in the back garden

• Mailbox for her special letters

• Flower bed in the window

• Space inside to retreat and relax (her magical cubby is far away from hospitals, tests and appointments)

• Dress ups

Daphnie’s cubby house will be a safe place for her for years and years to come.

Daphnie cubby


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