Andrea's wish to be an artist

Andrea absolutely loves painting and drawing, so it was no surprise when she made her very original wish: to be a professional artist. After months of planning and preparation, Andrea debuted her very own solo exhibition at Sydney's prestigious Museum of Contemporary Art.

Something to focus on

Andrea had lots of things to look forward to along the way, including a private tour of her exhibition space and a workshop from MCA professionals. Andrea’s wish even caught the attention of Google! Andrea was lucky enough to have a tour of their Sydney office and even a special video conference with the head 'Google doodler' in San Francisco, who spoke to Andrea about the creative process and gave her some tips on developing her art. Armed with this knowledge and guidance from her creative mentors, Andrea worked on her collection for months. Planning for her exhibition was not only a welcome distraction from her treatment, but an important source of hope for the future.

“When the pain gets too much for me, I think about my art,” said Andrea.

An inspirational wish

As well as inspiring this very special girl to reach her full and amazing potential, Andrea’s wish has inspired everyone involved. The New South Wales Minister for Arts, who opened the exhibition, declared it “the best part of my job ever,” and offered to send Andrea and her family to Taronga Western Plains Zoo so that the animal-loving artist could gain more inspiration for her work! Not only that, Make-A-Wish partner sass and bide, in addition to dressing Andrea, displayed one of her works in their Brisbane store window; and MCA staff, who worked tirelessly to organise the exhibition, said they felt stronger for being a part of her wish.

As for Andrea? Her wish gives her ongoing strength - and in addition to keeping up with her art, she's now channelling her creativity into learning hip hop dance!

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