Ace leads the Brisbane Lions to victory

Mega fan Ace inspired a whole team and fan community when his wish came true to be a part of the Brisbane Lions’ inner sanctum. 

18-year-old Ace suffers from a condition called dystonia. He is completely reliant on his electric wheelchair and can only communicate through an electronic device. None of this stopped him from motivating the Brisbane Lions footy team to win when he visited their pre-game training session. 

Ace guernsey


Into the Lion's den!

Ace had the entire group in stitches with his funny wise cracks and inspired them with telling his story. It was a special moment for everyone when his favourite player Daniel Rich presented him with his very own Lions guernsey. Coaching staff, players and the high performance team all gathered around Ace to share key insights with him and get to know this incredible young man.

The Lions coach then asked Ace’s mum Raylene if they could have the honour of her and Ace doing the coin toss at the upcoming game. They also thanked her for everything she does for ‘their main man Ace’. 

“We can’t put into words how happy Ace was meeting the whole Brisbane Lions crew. It is simply life changing for Ace in the way that every time he talks about it or looks at the photos we see that overwhelming happy smile on his face.”  

“It is amazing what Brisbane Lions does to Ace and his happiness and health, they give him so much strength.”




Game day

In the team's pre game pep talk, the Lions coach inspired the players with quotes Ace made when he visited their training session. Coach said, “the team had to win for themselves but most of all they had to win for Ace”. 

"As the boys prepared for the game, they chanted his name, “ACE, ACE, ACE”."

The Lions dedicated their game to him and as a constant reminder during the match why they had to win, players wrote Ace’s name on their strapping tape. 

And it worked! The Lions won!

As the players ran out the back to sing their team song they each stopped to thank Ace for all his support. The crowd was on their feet cheering for Ace and even the coach came up to him and his family and said it was all because of him that they won.

Ace and the team


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