Clare's cuddly companion

14-year-old Clare has had a tough medical journey.

After being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma – a type of blood cancer, she’s had to endure multiple rounds of chemotherapy, operations, side effects, and even losing her beautiful long brown hair.

The diagnosis was understandably devastating, but Clare found something to focus on and keep her strong while going through treatment – her wish.

A road to recovery

Clare had been begging her mum Jacqui for a new puppy for years. When given the opportunity to make a wish, she knew exactly what she wanted; a Toy Poodle puppy. She even had a name picked out – Tiffany!

Toy poodle

Her wish being granted was a celebration in more ways than one – Clare is now in remission. Jacque says the knowledge that her wish was coming true was hugely important in Clare’s journey back to good health.

“Clare is my world and her diagnosis was unbelievable. But I do believe looking forward to getting this little dog helped in her recovery and provided closure for her.”

A (tiny!) new friend

After months and months of excitement, the big day didn’t disappoint. Make-A-Wish organised a party at Clare’s house to welcome the new arrival. Tiffany came hand-delivered from her breeders, who also arranged for a special puppy pack to ensure Clare had everything she needed to welcome her new friend. Clare was thrilled!

Clare meeting her toy poodle

A new beginning

With her curly hair growing back fast, Clare and Jacqui are looking forward to a much brighter future now that her wish has come true.

“I feel as if it’s going to be happy days from now on. It seems as if things are going good. It just gives us another focus in our life to have Tiffany – and Clare absolutely loves her!”


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