Eitan's wish

Eitan's wish

Get ready to dance, dance, dance and make Eitan's wish for lots of new friends come true!

Introducing your newest pal Eitan, 7, who wishes "to make lots of new friends by becoming a star on the internet".

Eitan was diagnosed with leukaemia, and spent lots of time in hospital while other kids were making friends. It's now time to celebrate his remission with an epic dance party!

Eitan wants to be famous so he can make other people feel happy about themselves, and to help everyone have friends. 

This is where you come in.

We need you to bust a move, join our flash dance to JT's 'Can't stop the feeling', and make Eitan feel like the most special kid in the whole world - helping him be brave and strong for the journey to come.

Less rhythm than a T-rex? We'll need a cheer squad too.

   What: Eitan's wish to make lots of new friends

   When: Wednesday 2 August 2017

   Time: 4.00 - 5.30 pm

   Where: Federation Square, Melbourne CBD

This is awesome. How can I help?!

This isn't just a special day. Wishes give really sick kids like Eitan a sense of self confidence after so much isolation.

At his first group rehearsal, Eitan said he felt like "a shooting star" – imagine how he'll feel when hundreds of people like you get involved! So tell your friends, get practising, and tag @makeawishaust in videos of you learning the dance (they might make the final cut of his music video)!

We urgently need funds to make more life-changing wishes like Eitan's come true.

Be part of the magic - join Eitan's Wish Force and donate $10 today.  

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