Donor Rudi's matters of the heart


Meet Rudi

As a nurse specialising in cardiac care, Rudi Morgan knows more about hearts than most. Donating to Make-A-Wish for the past eight years is also a matter of the heart.

“I have looked after children in intensive care and emergency departments needing cardiac care for 49 years so helping Make-A-Wish is just an extension of that,” Rudi said,

Rudi, 66, has a natural inclination to give. In 1985 he and two others started Open Heart International. By the next year the three men had launched Operation Open Heart for Tonga in response to the large numbers dying in the country of rheumatic heart disease.

Open Heart International has now had 2000 volunteers travel to over 10 countries, working on between 6000 and 7000 hearts.

While he has stepped away from the daily involvement of Open Heart International, Rudi takes every opportunity he gets to mention Make-A-Wish to people he meets.

“I’ve handed out brochures before …… I really like the whole concept of Make-A-Wish,’’ he said.

“I will continue to donate.”

Rudi still works as an ICU nurse today, clocking up 50 years this year.

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