A special friend to keep me company

Jess is often home during the day while her sisters are at school, so wished for “a special friend to keep me company at home”… welcome Basil the puppy!

The 15 year old battles a neurological disorder called Rett syndrome, meaning she has limited speech and mobility.

Jess was thrilled to meet her new lap-sized companion. “It was so special, like love at first sight!” says mum, Jayne.

Love at first bark

Mum Jayne said excitement around the whole wish process made a difficult year of hospital admissions finish on a hugely positive note, when Make-A-Wish volunteers threw a small party to welcome Basil to the family.

"Basil sat on Jess’ lap contently and gazed lovingly into her eyes, he knew she was his partner in crime."

A new family member

Jess and Basil are growing closer each day, and she can’t wait to watch her puppy learn to chase balls and play fetch.

Jess’ wish coin even has a home on Basil’s collar, a reminder of the excitement of her very special wish. One of Jess’ sisters, Eve, summed up how the whole family felt: “This is the best Christmas ever – Jess home, puppy here, and lots of fun (fist pump)!”

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