Sebastiano’s puppy wish brings ongoing joy

Sebastiano is 8 and has medulloblastoma, a type of brain tumour. When he was asked about his wish, he was “infinity out of 10” sure that he wanted a puppy best friend that he could do “boy stuff” with!

According to his mum, the whole journey to meeting his puppy has had the most amazing effect on her boy.

“He was so excited because he knew for a while that he was going to get his puppy. He kept on asking me, “How long until it happens!”

His mum shared, “For me it was so great to see his excitement throughout the entire thing. Sebastiano was so looking forward to the day. His face would just light up. It was like that on the day that he got his puppy and even now, it just hasn’t changed.”

A best friend for life

The bright smile and the sparkle in his eyes haven’t left Sebastiano since puppy Alessandro (Alex for short!) arrived.

Seeing this incredible impact, Sebastiano’s mum believes that every kid with a life-threatening medical condition should have a wish.

“It’s made such a difference to us. Sebastiano’s just so different now,” says mum.

“When he’s having a bad day, it’s amazing how much the puppy perks him up.”

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