Puppy love for Dara

When Dara was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2014, the promise of a puppy kept her going through two years of tough treatment.

Her beloved dog Koko arrived, but she continued to dream about even more puppies.

“It was the first thing she told me in the morning, and the last thing she talked about at night,” shared Dara's mum.

So this puppy-mad seven year old wished to have the ultimate puppy experience!

Puppies everywhere!

After months of planning with the amazing team from Pet’s Haven, Dara’s wish came true as she met not one or two, but 23 puppies! Special thanks also to Pet Barn for helping out. 

Jumping up and down and saying “this is the best day EVER” Dara greeted each puppy with fresh excitement. Each one got a cuddle and, as she lay among the leaves literally covered in puppies, Dara couldn’t have felt any further away from hospitals and treatment.

Dara’s parents couldn't believe this newfound confidence in their little girl. Since finishing treatment, Dara has struggled with crowds and being around new people – but seeing her run onto stage to announce the winner of the puppy fashion parade (in front of hundreds of people!) showed just how transformational a wish can be.

Dara said the day was “100 out of 10” and most importantly, her shyness was replaced with confidence and pure joy.

The happiest ending

All 23 rescue puppies were adopted out to loving forever homes as a beautiful ending to Dara’s wish.

The team at Pet’s Haven were thrilled to be part of this special experience, and said to Dara “Every single person you met will never forget your smile, your joy, and your effervescent personality - you made our day as much as the puppies made yours!”

"Your magic helped give Dara confidence that good things can and will continue to happen in her life. Thank you." - Dara's mum


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The facts

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> 642 children are waiting for their wish to come true.

> Last year, the number of families asking for our help increased by 30%.

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