The PAWfect duo

Lara, 4, is battling acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and wished for a red puppy that she can call Rosie … she also hoped she could find one with a glitter tongue.


Puppy power

For kids battling critical illnesses, like Lara, a puppy is so much more than their cute factor.

Often kids like Lara are isolated from their family and animals while fighting their illness. A puppy represents a best friend and constant companion that provides endless support. A puppy encourages these kids to get outside more and provides a playful distraction from their illness.


Lara’s puppy journey

Lara knew for sure that she wanted a red doggie (so the name, Rosie, can fit!) and, after many months of researching different puppies, Lara and her family decided a Cavoodle was best for them.

When Rosie was born she had photos taken each week to send to her new best friend, Lara. The excitement and anticipation for Rosie’s arrival continued to build as Lara got these beautiful photos of Rosie who was still too little to join the family.

In honour of Rosie’s arrival at her new home, a party was thrown to welcome her to the family. The celebration involved lots of cuddles and tail wagging.

We can happily confirm that Rosie has settled right in to the family.                                   

‘Rosie is amazing we are all in love, such a lovely blessing to our family,’ said Lara’s mum.

Family photo

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