Our very own WWE legend who put the final smack down on cancer

Beni is 11 years old and exactly where she wants to be – at school, with her friends. 

But this was not the case five years ago. When Beni was just five years old, she was battling acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

For the next two years, Beni underwent gruelling chemotherapy, plus regular trips to Sydney Children’s Hospital – where she is now famous for her infectious positivity. 

During her fight with cancer, Beni and her brother were huge World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans. Beni got so much strength from the wrestlers, even touching the screen trying to get in on the action. To get even closer to her WWE heroes, Beni wished to meet one of the best: Nikki Bella.

Beni and Nikki

When she was seven her wish came true

Meeting the wrestling stars at their Melbourne show gave Beni something beyond her treatment and health to focus on.

“I don’t think people realise how important wishes are for kids. They are going through hell and it gives them a distraction and something to look forward to,” said Beni’s mum.

Beni and Nikki

Beni has been in remission for five years now. This magic number is a big deal and Beni has now been able to ring the remission bell.

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