Lanais' wish brings renewed confidence

Fourteen-year-old Lanais is living with a rare life-threatening illness – one that’s resulted in three open heart surgeries, daily medications, and countless hospital visits.

It’s a battle that’s made a huge impact on not just Lanais, but her entire family.

Because of this, all Lanais wished was for a family-filled adventure in the snow – one where she could play with her little brother, and get away from the challenges of her day to day life.

Just like in the movies

Living in sunny Queensland, the closest Lanais ever came to snow was in the American movies she found on the silver screen. She loved the idea of skiing, snowboarding, and making snow angels, so when she found out her wish was going to come true, no one could wipe the look of joy off her face.

“She was so excited,” reflects mum Rachel. “She was so looking forward to having a trip away and getting her mind off everything. As we kept on getting more information on where we were going and what we were doing, her eyes would light up.”

Lanais’ wish comes true in a winter wonderland

After months of excitedly awaiting what was ahead of her, Lanais’ wish came true – and it was more than she could have ever imagined!

“It was wonderful,” says mum. “Even though she still had to take her medication, and do her daily tests, she didn’t have to worry about it. It got her away, it picked her up, it lifted her.”

But what’s even more amazing is how the wish has given Lanais renewed hope for the future.

“It gave her strength, made her more confident and it showed her that despite her illness, she can still get out and do things like this.”

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