Jorja’s wish for a horse-themed sanctuary

Ten-year-old Jorja has cystic fibrosis and bravely endures hospital visits, doctors’ visits and ongoing treatments. She loves horses, and wished for a horse bedroom makeover, something that would transform her space into a much-loved sanctuary that she could retreat to on her toughest days.

Jorja didn’t know her room transformation was complete until she saw the stream of Make-A-Wish balloons leading up to her house.

“It’s Make-A-Wish balloons! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, have they finished my room?!”

Jorja’s new bedroom now has a stable bed with a cupboard underneath it. Horses and saddles were placed throughout it and Make-A-Wish volunteers also put up a superimposed picture of Jorja riding her pony.

A joyful Jorja said, “It’s just really amazing. I’m going to love my room forever.”

The lasting impact of Jorja's wish

Jorja's mum Tanya believes the room is going to inspire Jorja to continue riding her pony – something which is good for her health as bouncing up and down on the pony helps break up the mucus on her lungs.

“It’s going to inspire her to keep going, and it’s going to help with her health. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

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