Is it a bird... is it a plane... no it's Dylan!

Ever imagined you’re a bird, able to fly high and check out the world?

Brave and clever, this Dylan, 7, is much like any other your girl; spending her time playing and dancing around . ‘Just like every seven year old, she’s vibrant, she’s excited, she loves life, she’s a real go getter,’ says Dylan’s mum. Unfortunately, Dylan has also had to spend time fighting a critical illness.

Battling Rasmussen’s Syndrome makes it hard for Dylan to see; she gets a much better view of the world around her from a lofty perch. And wow was she able to experience some amazing views as her aerial adventure of a wish came true!

The power of preparation

Preparing for her wish helped Dylan shift her focus away from her treatment, escaping by imagining life from a different angle. Her Mum saw the positive impact on Dylan from the very start of her unique wish journey, ‘She’s been excited from the beginning phase of planning!’

Here’s what went down or, in this case, up!

After a quick flight from her rural home, along with her parents and brother, Dylan boarded another aircraft, a chopper, heading to the Point Shank lighthouse. Up in the sky, Dylan was a detective – finding clues to help lead her to the next destination. ‘I saw some trees, houses, clues and plants and flowers,’ said Dylan, taking it all in from the clouds.

These clues led Dylan and her family to Melbourne, where her adventure continued. Here, Dylan headed up to the tallest lookout in the city, the Eureka Tower sky deck and then onto the Melbourne Star, a giant ferris wheel.

The memories created with her family will give Dylan something positive to focus on, and the strength to keep battling her illness into the future. ‘Make a wish is really important to her, and to our family, because it provides her with outlet, something totally and completely different to what we can provide her as a family,’ say’s Dylan’s mum.

World Wish Day | 29 April 2018

Dylan's wish took place on World Wish Day; a day to celebrate the very first Make-A-Wish wish coming true and for Make-A-Wish to join forces worldwide to raise funds and awareness.

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